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Most food and beverages need to be kept cold at an optimal temperature in order to ensure top quality and preservation of all goods.

Keeping food and beverages cold for extended periods of time is what is needed in the restaurant and take away industry. Maintaining quality products and ensuring they stay fresh is our top priority with commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration slows bacterial growth and helps to maintain a level temperature to store your products. Using refrigeration equipment helps to extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables, meat, dairy products and beverages. Refrigerators and freezers literally remove heat from the appliance and replace the air with cooler temperature-controlled air. Temperature settings are available which allow you to choose and set the appliance as you fit to reach the desired cold setting.

At CaterWize we are here to help you in the decision making process in acquiring the correct refrigeration equipment for your business. We will guide you through deciding which type of bar fridge, display cooler or deep freezer is needed for your industry. Accessibility, space availability and of course your requirements are all taken into consideration on how best to choose the right refrigeration equipment for your business.

There are a host of different options available including:

  • Single and Double Door Fridges
  • Swing and Sliding Door Fridges
  • Undercounter bar/beverage fridges
  • Display Coolers
  • Display Freezers
  • Island Freezers
  • Upright Freezers

Ice cream machines, slush puppies and ice machines are just a few of the extras we have on offer to boost your restaurant or take away business.

Professional catering equipment and trusted brands are what allow us at CaterWize to have full confidence in all our appliances which are perfect for the restaurant industry.

Ensuring you have the correct refrigeration equipment will make all the difference in saving time, labour and money in your business.

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