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Gas Fryers are ideal for use in fast-paced restaurants, take-away outlets, and fast-food establishments. Gas fryers allow you to cook orders in record time, ensuring that your customers are happy every time. Caterwize does specialise in commercial and industrial equipment, but we are able to meet the needs of smaller businesses and home users.
Deep frying food is a popular method of cooking, involving submerging food in hot oil instead of shallow frying it in a pan. Our gas deep fryers allow you to heat oil to the ideal temperature, sealing the food and keeping it perfectly crisp.
By using the Caterwize gas fryers, you can ensure better quality control and safety when preparing food. The stress and pressure of working in a fast-paced kitchen will also be relieved thanks to our reliable equipment. Our gas fryers are the perfect solution for those times when the electricity might cut out or if there is load shedding.
SStart seeing the success of your kitchen and business with our selection of products below:

2 x 6L – Double Gas Fryer
2 x 12.5L – Double Fas Fryer
1 x 6L – Single Gas Fryer
2 x 21L – Spaza Gas Fryer

Our equipment is available with a 6 or 12-month guarantee.

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