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Caterwize – Refrigeration

Refrigerating your food keeps it in a cold environment, which slows down the growth of bacteria and lowers the risk of illnesses and diseases. It is an essential piece of catering, restaurant, and fast-food equipment.

When you are dealing with something as important as food and drink, you need to choose refrigeration equipment that is suited to your business and your business needs. There is a variety of specifications and limitations to consider when choosing a refrigerator, including the following:

*  What size refrigerator will be best for my business?
*  Where will I fit my freezer?
*  Is it eco-friendly?
*  Would I need a Double Swing Door Beverage Fridge or a Single Swing Door Beverage Fridge?
*  Would I like my refrigerator to have a glass top display?
*  Would I like an Upright Freezer with shelves or a Display Freezer with basket dividers?

Caterwize offers a diverse range of refrigeration equipment to choose from, providing you with the assistance you need to make the best choice for your business.

Our products refrigerators and freezers include the following:

Beverage Coolers
Underbar Fridges
Glass Top Island Freezers
Glass Top Chest Freezers
Ice cream Freezers
Upright Glass Door Freezers

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