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With a wide selection of Grills and Griddles available, you can be sure we have what you are looking
for. Our products are sure to meet your needs – whether you own or manage a restaurant, a take-
away or fast-food outlet, or even if you are looking for a Grill or Griddle to prepare wholesome
meals in the comfort of your own home.
Our products range from Gas Flame Grill Burners to Flat Top Griddles. As specialists in the
commercial and industrial kitchen equipment industry, you can rely on us to help you find the
perfect griller for your home or business.
Griddles are similar to that of a frying pan – perfectly suited to cook something like tasty pancakes.
Grills have raised ridges or openings in between a metal plate – perfect for that juicy steak. Allow our
Griddles to help you prepare the tastiest, wholesome and nutrient meals with ease!

Which is for me – a Gas Griller or Electric Griller?
There are various pros and cons for both electricity and gas grillers.
Your decision may be based on various factors, which include some of the following:
Carefully consider what your fuel source, flavour, specific heating requirements, size of the grill,
space requirements and restrictions, cooking surface area and maintenance specifications will be. All
of these play a vital role in choosing the best appliance for your needs.

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