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Deep Fryers

Specializing in Deep Fryers – Electric Fryers and Gas Fryers

Electric Fryers and Gas Fryers are perfect for use in restaurants, fast food and take-away outlets. Though we specialize in commercial and industrial catering equipment, rest assured that we are also able to meet the needs of individual business owners and every day home users.

Deep frying is a cooking method in which food is submerged in hot oil rather than shallow frying in a conventional frying pan. The deep fryers allow you to heat the oil to the required temperature to ensure the food is sealed at the first stage of frying so that oil does not penetrate the food.

This method also assists in quality control. Our deep fryers ensure safety while preparing your food. It also eases the stress and pressure of a fast-paced kitchen environment and aids in producing, great-tasting food of a high standard.

Set your Kitchen and your business up for success with one of our Electric Deep Fryers:

2 x 6L – Double Electric Fryer
2 x 11L – Double Electric Fryer
1 x 6L – Single Electric Fryer
2 x 21L – Spaza Electric Fryer

Do not allow your business to be left in the dark! Our Gas Fryers are the perfect solution to keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently during load shedding.
Our selection of Gas Fryers include the following:

2 x 6L – Double Gas Fryer
2 x 12.5L – Double Gas Fryer
1 x 6L – Single Gas Fryer
2 x 21L – Spaza Gas Fryer

All our equipment come with a 6 or 12 month guarantee.

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